Supermarkets' strangest swaps include crisps for a chicken and TAMPONS for a LETTUCE

Tampons generic
Supermarkets are leaving shoppers confused by substituting out-of-stock products for something entirely different.
One online customer who ordered a fresh whole chicken got a packet of chicken-flavoured crisps while another received Pampers nappies instead of a pack of four sausage rolls.
Other shoppers received a toilet roll when they had ordered bolognese sauce and a box of Tampax instead of a lettuce.
If supermarkets can’t deliver a product as part of a customer’s internet order, they normally try to replace it with something similar.
But research by consumer group Which? shows the substituted products don’t always fit the bill.

An open packet of potato crisps

They included a bouquet of pink roses instead of a bottle of rose wine while cherry cola was delivered for maraschino cherries.
The delivery problems were first raised by Which? last year.
A spokesman said: “Supermarkets are still struggling to tell the difference between toiletries and food.
“Last year we reported on some of the weird and not so wonderful substitutions shoppers had received on their online grocery orders – such as lemonade being replaced by lemon soap.
“Based on the latest set of swaps, the bizarre trend has continued.”

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