Woman Complains That She Can’t Take Selfies In Elevator

selfie elevatorThese days people snap selfies everywhere. They even act like they are entitled to take one in any situation. Like this story from the website of the prefecture of Zelenograd in Russia.

That’s where a woman complained that she is no longer able to snap selfies in the elevator of her apartment building. Oh my goodness. Alert the media. I’ll get your story of woe out to the masses lady. You poor thing. That is quite the problem.

The reason behind that complaint is that up until recently, the elevator had a generously sized mirror hanging inside, letting this woman shoot selfies whenever she wanted. A few months back the mirror was simply taken down. So she complained that it was impossible to take a good selfie photo, “All my friends have mirrors in elevators, and we have not had one for six months already. I ask you to solve the problem as soon as possible and finally hang a new mirror in the elevator.”

I would have told her that she needs to get a grip on reality and learn what is truly important in life. Hint. It isn’t selfies. And if you have to complain about not being able to take a selfie, something is seriously wrong with your brain.

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