Microsoft Outlook Premium Email Service Unveiled From $3.99 A Month

Microsoft Outlook Premium Email Service

It has been rumoured for some time that Microsoft has been preparing to possibly launch a new Outlook Premium email service, and this week details of the upcoming Outlook Premium have been spotted listed on the Microsoft website by Paul Thurrott.

It seems that Microsoft is now trialling its Outlook Premium email service full $3.99 per month and is offering a number of useful features above and beyond its current Ad-Free Outlook package that is priced at $19.95 per year.

Outlook Premium functions as both a standalone product or an add-on to Office 365 Home depending on your requirements. Features of the new Outlook Premium include the ability to add five custom email accounts using a domain of your choice rather than the currently available or Hotmail.comdomains provided by Microsoft.

At the current time it is unclear whether the Outlook Premium service will move from pilot scheme into a fully fledged Microsoft Outlook package, but as more details are made available we will keep you updated as always. If you are looking to start a trial of the new Outlook Premium email service jump over to the official Microsoft website by the link below to sign up.

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