Microsoft Ink Workspace Enhances Windows 10 Stylus Features

Windows 10 Stylus Ink Workspace

During this weeks Microsoft’s Build 2016 developer conference, Microsoft has unveiled its new Ink Workspace which is being created to enhance the Windows 10 stylus features which are currently available within its latest operating system.

Now by simply tapping on the top of the pen whilst using a Surface Pro device will provide easy access to a new navigation pane which provides quick access to common stylus applications.

Microsoft has also added more Ink functionality to its Bing Maps and Microsoft Word applications allowing sketches to be added to the landscape in 3D view and handwritten notes were demonstrated rotating into small 3D billboards, during the presentation at Bill 2016. The team from Ars Technica were in the crowd and explain more about the features that Microsoft is rolling out to its Windows 10 operating system within the new Ink Workspace.

Windows 10 Stylus

Sticky Notes can now be used to feed reminders into Cortana. In the demo, writing “Call mom tomorrow” caused “tomorrow” to be highlighted, and tapping on the word brought up Cortana to set a reminder. Bing is integrated, too, so sticky notes will be able to recognize places and link to maps.

A new “Sketchpad” app focuses on Ink, but it wasn’t covered much in the demo. The whole ink platform now supports a ruler tool that can be moved around while using the pen. It works like a ruler in real life, causing nearby drawings to “snap” to the ruler. It works like a ruler in real life, causing nearby drawings to “snap” to the ruler. You can rotate it with two fingers or drag it around with a single finger. The ruler was shown working in Sketchpad and Powerpoint, and it seems to be available to any app that plugs into the Windows Ink platform.

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