HP Says ‘Committed to Accelerating the Digital India Initiative’

Reiterating its commitment to support Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s ambitious ‘Digital India” initiative, global printer and personal computer major HP Inc on Thursday announced it was bolstering its participation to digitally transform the country.

The company is looking to “strengthen” three key digital pillars – creation of digital infrastructure, facilitating digital literacy and delivering services digitally – in the country.

According to HP Inc officials, they have all the elements for creating such infrastructure and information technology deployment with a range of futuristic solutions.

“We are already promoting digital literacy via setting up knowledge learning centres. HP India is well integrated on the front of delivering digital services to the people. Having worked with the government on various projects for several years, we are focused and committed to accelerating the ‘Digital India’ initiative,” Rajiv Srivastava, managing director, HP India, told IANS.

Currently, HP Inc has a manufacturing facility for making personal computers in Pantnagar, Uttarakhand.

“We will continue to manufacture in India and support local manufacturers with our vast expertise. Our plant at Pantnagar is currently sufficient to meet the demand but, yes, we may expand in other locations in the future,” Srivastava told IANS, adding that HP was one of the first companies to set up a manufacturing plant in India to make PCs “in India, for India”.

For Srivastava, “Digital India” is a unique exercise and none of the countries in the world has such an ambitious people-centric programme.

Anneliese Olson, vice president of personal systems business, HP Asia Pacific and Japan, said the company will enhance its efforts to support “Digital India” initiative in the days to come.

“India is a key market for us. We have over 10,000 talented Indians on the rolls. Soon, you will see premium HP campaigns coming to your country with the help from our channel partners. We stay committed to ‘Digital India’ programme,” she told reporters.

Earlier, HP Inc unveiled a new range of business printers and NextGen laptops with a focus on enhanced data security and faster experience.

“The best thing about the new portfolio is that we are providing enterprise class security and functionality to small and medium businesses (SMBs) at a much cheaper cost. This move bridges the divide for SMBs customers when it comes to better security and faster experience,” Srivastava told IANS.

In the biggest launch in almost a decade as far as global printing industry is concerned, HP Inc unveiled a unique portfolio of business printers, including PageWide technology.

The company also unveiled eight new PC and laptop products, including the world’s thinnest HP Spectre laptop – weighing 1.1 kg and as thin as an AAA-battery at just 10.4 mm with sixth generation Intel Core i5 and i7 processors.

It launched Elite x3 – a 5.96-inch touchscreen device that runs Windows 10 Mobile and supports Continuum – a feature that allows the device to be attached seamlessly to a separate screen, mouse and keyboard.

“At HP, we are constantly pushing the envelope in design, productivity, security and entertainment to build innovative products for ‘One Life’,” Olson said.

Redditors Accuse Axe of Lifting Their Content to Sell Shower Products

Redditors Accuse Axe of Lifting Their Content to Sell Shower Products

A “shower thought,” as defined by the widely read subreddit that popularized the term, is the sort of semi-philosophical breakthrough that comes to your brain during your most quotidian moments. Your morning shower might be, for instance, when you realize that the human knee is really just a giant knuckle or that if there is a heaven for dogs and a hell for squirrels, both are probably the same place.

It’s the sort of banal yet profound-sounding stuff that the Internet loves to spread, and there always seems to be a shower thought or two among Reddit’s most popular post at any given moment. Now, “shower thoughts” is also an ad campaign to sell a “sophisticated” line of Axe products to men.

And some Redditors aren’t taking it very well.

“Axe” is jacking our shower thoughts and not giving credit. Literally word for word,” a thread that sat at the top of Reddit on Thursday morning proclaims. It links to the first of a couple of ads from Axe’s new campaign, which does indeed use a “shower thought” that appeared on Reddit at the end of August: “When you’re criticised for being short, they’re really just saying the worst thing about you is that there isn’t more of you.”

The Axe ad repeats said shower thought word-for-word and then dramatizes it with Muggsy Bogues, a very short man who played in the NBA.

The video now has more than 10,000 “dislikes” on YouTube, thanks to the angry Redditors who see the campaign as yet another example of a company stealing their content for financial gain. The second of Axe’s ads was posted earlier Thursday morning but features a “shower thought” that doesn’t appear to come from Reddit at all.

In a press release announcing the campaign, Axe said that the three-part set of ads was meant to demonstrate how showers are “where guys can unwind, recharge, and reconnect with their true selves to foster original and creative ideas.”

While it’s certainly striking that the Axe ads are called “Shower thoughts” and use one of the subreddit’s most popular posts word-for-word, it’s worth noting that shower thoughts are by their very nature the sort of thing the Internet has passed around among itself for years. And even in the outrage thread, there’s disagreement among Redditors over whether “Shower thoughts” is worth the vigorous defense. Some have pointed out that there’s no guarantee any of the thoughts posted to the shower thoughts subreddit are themselves original and that “Saturday Night Live’s” old “Deep Thoughts by Jack Handey” bit, and not Reddit, should probably get credit for the genre of funny wisdom that sounds vaguely profound.

Based on a few searches, it appears that the “short” shower thought in question did indeed first appear on Reddit in its current form, on August 30 of last year. But, well, it’s kind of been everywhere since then. The exact phrase, like many of Reddit’s popular posts and images, has been scraped from Reddit and repeated on Twitter by a number of different accounts, like it’s a ghost with unfinished business.

That being said, it is still easy to understand why some of Reddit is furious about shower thoughts becoming an ad campaign, even if it’s used to having its own content re-purposed and redistributed – and often does the same to others. Joke and content stealing has become a serious problem on the Internet, and it’s only made worse when other people make a lot of money off of something that another person posted first.

We have reached out to Axe for comment on the campaign and Reddit’s response.