Quantum Break Is More Expensive on Windows 10 Than on Xbox One

Quantum Break Is More Expensive on Windows 10 Than on Xbox One

Time-bending shooter Quantum Break is out today on Windows 10 PC and Xbox One. While we found the game to be an enjoyable romp and well worth experiencing if you have the requisite Internet speeds, we had no clarity on how much it would cost for Windows 10 PC gamers. This has now changed.

If you want to play Quantum Break on Windows 10 PC, prepare to shell out Rs. 4,500. It’s Rs. 500 morethan the Xbox One version which comes with Xbox 360 cult classic Alan Wake and its downloadable content.

QB_india_price_pc.jpgThis comes as a bit of a surprise for many considering how well-priced Gears of War: Ultimate Editionwas on the Windows Store even after Microsoft India doubled the price two weeks after launch.

And if you thought you could get it cheaper by changing your store region, think again. It appears that the game sports a high price the world over, so much so that after converting, the $60 (around Rs. 3985) price US customers have to pay is the cheapest you can get the game for.

With the exception of Electronic Arts and now Microsoft, almost every other PC game publisher has practised differential pricing for various countries like India and Russia, using region-locking as a way to maintain some form of parity.

When Quantum Break was announced for PC we argued that it was a move wherein the needs of the many outweighed the needs of the few, but with a surprisingly high price, it seems otherwise.

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