Toned up and sexy legs not a dream anymore!

How many times have you looked at those glistering and absolutely toned up legs of models on the cover pages of glossy magazines? Every single time, right!! Well, that might not be a dream anymore because there are gym equipments that focus on your legs and help you tone them properly. All you need is a little dedication from your end.

This wonder gym equipment that we are talking about is the leg press machine. The machine may sound simple and it is, but the benefits of working on a leg press machine are not just limited to toning your leg muscles.

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Benefits of leg press machines

Athletes are the ones who use a leg press machine on a regular basis. They are the ones who need proper training and the right amount of strength in their lower body. Leg press machines help you in unwinding tight muscles in your legs which are residue after an injury or arthritis. They are used to either test the strength in the legs or provide the required rest to them. When an athlete uses the leg press machine at higher intensity, then they are working for building their muscles for marathons and other such strenuous activity.

Seated leg press at low intensity can be therapy for many people who have joint pain in their legs or other part of their lower body. The region of the lower body which gets worked up are the gluteus maximus, quadriceps, hamstrings. Not only a toned up leg but you also get a great butt when you use the leg press machine.

When you are starting with the leg press machine, it is evident that you would be advised to work with lighter weights. Know the machine you will be working on before going all out on it. strains can be caused in your legs or other regions of the body if you don’t follow the instructions and hence negate the very use of a leg press machine. But, more experienced or professionals can work with weight of upto 2000 pounds.

Types of leg press machines

There are plenty of companies that will give you the best leg press machine in the market. However, before buying a leg press machine, it is highly advisable to know the types of leg press machines. There are three types that you should know about:

  • Vertical leg press machine:lying with your back on the machine and holding the machine form both sides is what needs to be done on this machine. The weights are pushed in an upward direction making a 90 degree angle. This leg strengthing exercise is done in all gyms because this is the most common type of leg press machine.
  • Horizontal leg press machine: This machine requires that the user sit in an upright position. The weigts will be attached to a cable and they would be required to push the weight horizontally. This workout is good for calves, glutes and the entire lower body.
  • Hack Squat leg press machine: This can also be called the inclined leg position machine as the person who will be doing the exercise lies in an inclined position on the machine. Then, the routine follows as he/she will have to push the weight upwards. However, this time the person would be making a 45 degree angle hence the inclining position. This exercise will be less straining than the vertical ones and some prefer this over the others.

All of the above exercises requires the legs to be at hip apart. It is important to ensure safety on the machine and exercise with weights that you can handle.

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