Growth Hormone – The Working on Human Body

What is HGH? HGH stands for Human Growth Hormone and as the name reads, it is a hormone responsible for growth in humans.

These days athletes are using this pill in combination with other steroids for getting a leaner frame and amazing muscles. The growth hormones contain various types of amino acids which are responsible for protein synthesis. If the body performs good protein synthesis, then only one can get bulky muscles. The metabolism rate is increased and simulates muscle growth. Thus, these hormonal pills are used by athletes and strength trainers.

Dosage of HGH injections:

Smaller and frequent dose of HGH injections is preferred to get the desired effects. A proper dose is decided by your doctor depending on the patient’s age and health condition. However, a general dose of 4-8IU per week divided into 2 doses per day for 5-6 daysis given to start with. The treatment generally is for many weeks but would depend on how your body is reacting to the treatment. Blood tests will be conducted to track the effect of medicine and if any changes to dose would be required. Growth hormone is not a steroid. As the therapy is for a long time, patients will be trained to self-administer injecting the medicine.

Side Effects of HGH Injections:

Common side effects include headache, joint and muscle pains and swelling in hands and feet.

People with problems like tumors, cancer, and breathing problems should not take HGH as it has an effect on cell regenerations.

Diabetic people should also not take HGH.

HGH is involved in many body functioning and as well as in the metabolism of sugars and fats. Synthetic growth hormone is produced injected for children and adults who are having growth hormone deficiency. These injections are given only with the prescription and only under the supervision of the physician. When it is injected, it to see that the body gets adequate growth hormone and the levels of the growth hormone are safe in the body and also to reduce the side effects caused by deficiency.

The Human Growth hormones which are found in the market can be available in the form of pills, tablets, powders, creams, sprays, injections, releasers. The basic ingredient in all the products is amino acids. Higher the amount of amino acid in the product, the better it works.

Few underlined thumb rule to choose the real HGH

The manufacturing of HGH is a complex procedure and is expensive. It needs to be approved by the FDA and so patent rights are to be examined before the purchase. Genuine companies have the rights and have legal sanctions for the production of drugs which can be trusted for purchase.

The liquid HGH is unsuitable for transport as the molecular structure gets distorted with shaking or at room temperatures. Therefore HGH comes as lyophilized form i.e. Freeze dried powder form which is suitable for worldwide shipping.

Choosing to pick a somatropin and somatrem which is 191 or 192 amino acid sequence respectively is advised.


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