WHOOP Smart Fitness Trainer

WHOOP smart fitness trainer

A new smart fitness trainer has been created called WHOOP which has been specifically designed for elite athletes and teams to be able to get the most out of their training and be fully prepared for the next big event.

The Whoop Smart Trainer is not just another wrist worn wearable that provides feedback  and data on your heartbeat, steps taken and sleep patterns. The professional system is also capable of gathering psychological data as well as your recovery data,  providing coaches and trainers with invaluable information.

The developers of WHOOP explain a little more about its features functionality and inspiration.

For the first time, get actionable data from both sides of the Stress-Response equation. You may already measure strain, but can you accurately understand how each individual athlete’s recovers from strain? With WHOOP, you can tailor workouts to the needs of each athlete in real time.

Athletes need sleep to recover and teams often need to travel. WHOOP measures how travel schedules and different cities affect sleep for every individual on a team, including staff. This allows you to optimize travel schedules to gain an advantage, even on the road. The system also focuses on sleep specifically to highlight efficiency and ways to improve recovery.

Get accurate, sleep lab-quality data on your athletes’ sleep quality and efficiency, and understand the correlation with recovery and performance. By customizing training plans to fit every athlete’s individual needs, WHOOP can help teams reduce injuries and prevent over-training. Athletes with lower recoveries, feedback of soreness or sickness, and poor sleep results are highlighted to staff.

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