Dome Home Disaster Alert System

Dome Home Disaster Alert System

A new Dome home disaster alert system has been created by Casey Hermansen, that is capable of monitoring your house or premises 24/7 and alerting you if anything untoward is detected such as a fire, flood, freezing temperatures or even carbon monoxide.

Watch the promotional video below to learn more about this new home monitoring system, that has taken to Kickstarter to raise $8,000 over the next 14 days to make the jump into production.

Hermansen explains more about the inspiration behind the Dome home disaster alert system, as well as more about its features and functionality when combined with the companion smartphone application.

Dome Alert is the most simple and affordable solution to offer you 24/7 Professionally Monitored protection from the most common and costly disasters in a home – Fire, Flood, Freeze, and Carbon Monoxide. Dome offers you the same 24/7 protection and all the benefits of traditional home security systems while saving you thousands of dollars in set up costs and monthly fees and setting you free from long term contracts.Dome’s sensors work with the existing equipment in your home. When a sensor is triggered, an alert is immediately sent to both your smartphone and a professional monitoring station.

Fire/CO Sensor : The Fire/CO Sensor listens for audible alarms from your Smoke/CO Detectors. It can distinguish the difference between a Smoke alarm and a CO alarm. And because most Smoke Detectors double as a CO Detector and all detectors are interconnected, all you need is one sensor to cover your entire home.

Flood/Freeze Sensor : The Flood/Freeze Sensor detects water and alerts you before leaks become floods. The sensor is triggered when water touches the copper nodes on the bottom of the sensor and an alert is sent. It also has an internal thermometer that sends an alert when temperatures drop below 41 degrees. Allowing you to take action before pipes freeze.

The genius of Dome is in it’s simplicity. We leverage the power of the cloud, your WiFi, and low-cost equipment to provide protection at a fraction of the cost of traditional in-home alarm systems. Unlike current solutions that require replacing the equipment in your home, we use technology that works with your existing equipment – giving your current devices smart home capabilities and saving you hundreds of dollars.

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