Anyware Smartphone Controlled Socket Adaptor

Smartphone Controlled Socket Adaptor

Anyware Solutions has this week unveil their new smartphone controlled socket adapter, aptly named the Anyware. Its developers say the hardware is the world smallest smartest lamp socket adapter currently available, and comes it complete with its own smartphone companion application.

The Anyware adapter has been created to provide an all in one connected device that makes it easy to transform your home into a smart home, allowing you to benefit from the Internet of Things technology allowing you to monitor your home and more where ever you maybe.

Watch the promotional video below to learn more about the Anyware smart adapter which has taken to Kickstarter to raise the required funds it needs to go into production.

The developers Anyware Solutions explain more about his inspiration, design and functionality and power can be used to make your home smarter.With its unique patent-pending design, the Anyware Smart Adaptor is the world’s smartest and smallest connected lamp socket adaptor designed to provide next generation home automation for everyone. Easy to install and easy to use by all household members. It offers unprecedented feature richness from advanced lighting control to seamless home monitoring and security, thanks to its built-in ambient light, sound, temperature and humidity sensors.

The Anyware Smart Adaptor is configured and controlled via an app (available for iOS and Android) with a cloud solution as backbone. All functionality is presented in small programs (called ‘scenes’) that can be activated manually by one tap.In addition, the scenes can be run according to schedules or set to constantly monitor, for example indoor climate conditions or ‘listen’ for intrusion whenever the house is empty.

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