Exploring Higher Education In Chennai With Online Learning

Chennai is widely regarded as a hub for education in India—a sizeable number of people migrate to this south Indian city every year to expand their intellectual horizons. Over the years, the city has also become a favourite destination for distance education institutions, adding to its reputation for being a hotspot for students from across the country.

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The Evolution Of Online Education

Online education has evolved from distance education. That’s not to say distance education is obsolete now—online education is simply the obvious next step. Distance education involves students receiving course materials by post or courier, and obtaining their degree by passing regular tests and exams.

However, the face of distance education in Tamil Nadu slowly, but surely, changed as the smartphone era dawned. The fact that India is expected to see over 200 million users by the end of 2016 proves that smartphone technology is reaching a larger segment of the population than ever before. To take advantage of this trend, distance education universities are leveraging technology to reach a larger and a more mobile audience.

For instance, most of the online education universities in Chennai have now partnered with Avagmah, a smartphone app platform that updates students on all the happenings in their academic field. From exam schedules to assignment submission dates, and video conferences to webinars, absolutely everything is being done on an accessible mobile platform.

This has enabled educators to deliver quality education to people who, through their aspirations to enter the world of business, are helping change the face of India.

You can choose from a wide range of programs in business management. From Entrepreneurship Management to Retail Branding and Marketing, and from EXIM Financing to Operational Research, there’s an online course for just about every field you can think of.

What The Future Holds

This is only the beginning. The coming years will see online education being streamlined and refined even further. Already, prestigious institutions like IIT and IIM are offering online courses—signs that even the best of Indian education is warming up to the concept of online education.

As the number of online courses in Chennai grows, the foundation is laid for a revolution in the way we approach and deal with education.

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